WIP Amir

This a WIP of Amir Blumenfeld since I have not been able to update so this is a work in progress ! I have been held up by school . Lol I mean I have a lot of homework and jts hard to do personal projects. But anyway check out Collegehumor. Com to find Jake and Amir videos also Jake and Amir dot com ! Well Ciao for now ! I am doing this for an art show so pls tell me what you think ??


Day 3 week 2


This is another post in one day to make up for the lost posts that I haven’t made . This is a picture of a guy from this show called heart break . It is really old so you probably have no idea who this so my question of today is: Who is this? Please comment leave me a review or whatever 🙂
This is a picture of my book

This is awesome I think you will be able to buy it publically really soon it is called I am Oceana Bleu and it’d be really awesome if you supported me by buying it !! Trust me it would be worth your while!! 🙂 thanks a lot anyways pls leave comment and reviews

Week 2 day 3

Hello once again this pic i so ace!!! I am so happy to have not botched this up!!!! This is a picture or drawing of charlie mcdonell from Charlieissocoollike one of my favorite youtubers !!!!! He is blooming funny I love his videos and really would love to meet him one day or go see his band… Sigh dreams . Anyway I did this in three days it took a horribly long time and I’m still working on it … I have to finish his shirt other wise I could adjust some things but it is done … I think I want to do either a Jake and Amir pic or ray William Johnson one next cos they are both so loveably awesome 🙂 to see Charlie in action go to charlieislikesocoollike.com and tell me who ur favorite YouTuber is

Day 7!!!!!!

Yawn, it is extremely late but I prevail! I will continue to blog and post even when it is 9:00 oh yeah! So I will soon replace my comments with essays I have written on the word I was assigned and todays was wisdom . Owls remind me of wisdom so I used this one I have cruddy lighting in my room so sorry about the yellow tint . The wisest people I can think of are my mother grandfather dailai lama buhdda and confuicius . So as usual comment tell me what you like don’t like and tell me, who is the wisest person in your life?
Oh yeah this is my first week so thank you people who have supported me looked at my blog and encouraged me! You have really helped me all this way… There are may weeks to come so I must go on I will give this a special smiley @( *____* )@~ this is my monkey smiley and it thanks anyone who looks at this ! Lol I am such a dork! Any way comment leave me messages be the first to subscribe! I may draw you!
Ciao for now!

Day 4

This is a picture I did to show compassion my iPod was dead all yesterday so I could not post I am sorry for those just coming my conquest was cut short. 😦
But anyway i found these two pictures online and I thought they would look perfect together I will post two pictures tomorrow yesterday’s picture and that day. But anyway comment a d tell me what you like. And I want to ask who gives you the most compassion.
Ciao for now!

Day 3

Day three :D! I never anticipated that I would make it thus far but I have!!! So again my mission is to draw one picture a day. Today I drew a picture of one of my all time favorite singers. I used pen as a media and simple cross hatching techniques. I think her music is very inspiring and that her song ” put your records on ” was the most encouraging song she’s made. It took me an hour to draw her but it was worth it cos I came out with a really good piece but in the meanwhile leave comments ! Tell me if you like it hate it give me advice . And maybe even tell me what your favorite singer is and if you want me to draw them. Leave all comments below in the comment box! Thank you if you are coming back and I want to ask who is 2012s best singer?


Day 2

Day 2! :3 Yay! If you are just seeing this then I will tell you again my goal is to draw one picture a day and blog it! Today I found one of my parents phycology today magazines. The issue was on how to point out a narcissist although I think you will always know who they are because they are never ashamed. Anyway this picture struck me and I felt it would make a wonderful sketch. It took me 30 minutes to draw it and I used only a graphite pencil and single colored pencil . So as usual tell me what you think what to improve on if you love it hate it? Or maybe you have met a narcissist that you couldn’t stand or fell for. Well in till tomorrow!
Ciao for now!


Day 1


Hello everyone or anyone that happens to stumble by my blog. As I said I am drawing a picture each day. Today my father took us too the Cummer museum. About halfway through he decided to let us draw in the garden and I found this interesting little statue. I used colors to express the tones and shades in the statue because I did not have the correct local colors. I used a black and white leaf pattern in the back to emphasis the boy. I think this was a successful price. It took me an hour and thirty minutes to draw it. Please leave comments, advice, or if you have drawn statues or stuff in gardens. I want to leave you with a word of advice. Don’t bring pens into museums the security immediately assumes your up to no good and will follow you till you give up the pens :(.
Oh well Ciao for now!