Day 1


A Study of Hues Sherlock


John: “So why do you put up with him?”

Lestrade: “Because I’m desperate, that’s why. Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day—if we’re very very lucky—he might even be a good one.”

This show from BBC has no doubt captured my heart with the dynamic character Sherlock and his wonderfully adorable Watson. Every episode is the length of a movie, the atmosphere of the episodes also have a very cinematic quality with the dark, sultry overtones and the thick plotline. I recently finished the first season and this show has managed to top my other long time favorite Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts , brilliant still. Something about Sherlock causes you as a viewer to admire him. The way he moves through crimes with his arrogant sneer and overall intelligence and charm. He seems to lack a filter and is a beautifully crazy storm.

In this piece i tried to show that he was these things. I started off with a bic. Pen and sketched out his main features. Then I went and added cross hatching to the base. I then went up with dry pastels and put in touches, almost whispers of color is some places. I am quite satisfied with this piece, I feel that it properly depicts what I wanted though I think perhaps I could improve it. To me Sherlock also reminds me of Batman, without the butler… Perhaps Sherlocks butler is John?! Okay I must end on the not of saying that Sherlock is properly amazing and if you haven’t watched it you must. The first season is online . I have linked them below.

If you liked this drawing and would like me to do more please comment and tell me so! I really value your opinion.

Thank you for reading!

Ciao for now!


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