Week 2 day 3

Rawr!!!! I really am happy I get to do what I like! I wish that I had chose to go to a more traditional school… I feel like a butt finding out guys don’t like me at my school…at least art guys well anyway forget you hatred trying to keep people down.Here is a new picture I drew ;(


I live glitter so I tried to make the drawing pop with glitter and thin ink I have to do another side so 🙂 gosh it’ll be alot of work I’d better really start I mean I really don’t feel like it but who cares what feel like doing !! I mean I really am angry at the B.S. I have to deal with every day at my school I come there as a student trying to learn and escape all the bad vibrations and I cone to a new place where I think I can be myself and just bloom and I have people still talking about me behind me back and jealous( I hate saying this about others) of me, I get tired of people dismissing my talent and work as something I just have! I work blood and sweat for everything a get at school and work and if people can’t respect that!!! If they worked as hard they would achieve but… It’s lonely at the top, and I’ve met no one I’m willing to give my position up for and I never will.

Ciao for now 🙂