Day 7!!!!!!

Yawn, it is extremely late but I prevail! I will continue to blog and post even when it is 9:00 oh yeah! So I will soon replace my comments with essays I have written on the word I was assigned and todays was wisdom . Owls remind me of wisdom so I used this one I have cruddy lighting in my room so sorry about the yellow tint . The wisest people I can think of are my mother grandfather dailai lama buhdda and confuicius . So as usual comment tell me what you like don’t like and tell me, who is the wisest person in your life?
Oh yeah this is my first week so thank you people who have supported me looked at my blog and encouraged me! You have really helped me all this way… There are may weeks to come so I must go on I will give this a special smiley @( *____* )@~ this is my monkey smiley and it thanks anyone who looks at this ! Lol I am such a dork! Any way comment leave me messages be the first to subscribe! I may draw you!
Ciao for now!


One thought on “Day 7!!!!!!

  1. Hello Ariel- This is your Auntie Margaret in Virginia – I just wanted to hit you up and tell you “You go girl” Your drawings are an extension of expression and you surely are “expressing” yourself. Keep up the good work! I feel this is my favorite drawing so far 🙂 The wisest person that I know would be your grandfather Robert Lee. Hands down!


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