Day 3

Day three :D! I never anticipated that I would make it thus far but I have!!! So again my mission is to draw one picture a day. Today I drew a picture of one of my all time favorite singers. I used pen as a media and simple cross hatching techniques. I think her music is very inspiring and that her song ” put your records on ” was the most encouraging song she’s made. It took me an hour to draw her but it was worth it cos I came out with a really good piece but in the meanwhile leave comments ! Tell me if you like it hate it give me advice . And maybe even tell me what your favorite singer is and if you want me to draw them. Leave all comments below in the comment box! Thank you if you are coming back and I want to ask who is 2012s best singer?



4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. i was looking for my friend’s blog n stumbled upon urs.n my comments r:

    1) i thnk u should start with a single-line-continuous-drawing before start to render/hatch ur drawing
    2) draw slowly..for every line has it’s own story
    3) u can draw every day, but to me i like it if a single drawing takes more than a day..2 days drawing, a week drawing..a month’ll gives u more time to improve

    i guess dat’s all..sory if i cmmnt too much.keep it up!

    • Thanks a million for commenting I really appreciate it. I Understand what you mean by doing a weekly drawing and I do have pictures I do over more than a day it just takes longer before I can posts them. Drawing everday helps me improve on skills such as craftmanship .my design teacher instructs us to draw somthing each day and I know it will seem like it will take me a long time to Improve but I will eventually see the diffrence. Once more I see what you mean with the weekly picture it ususually takes me a week to make a quality good big peice. Thank you for the advice once more and I love commenters who taken initiative amd comment cos I am like that. Thanks again đŸ™‚

  2. u r most welcome!

    i thnk if u r spending time in a single drawing, u should think of trying to develop ur own style..ur own line or rendering method..and try use different pencil too,even chalk or charcoal to create different tonal values

    btw,u mentioned design teacher and architectural firm trip.r u a student too?

    • Yes, I go to an art school where we specialize in a field I am a visual artist . It is a middle school so we have to go through three years of it I love it there and have to complete 8 th grade and I am out of there but we have to go through two years of 2 d 3 years of design 2 years of 3-d and two years of painting .

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