Hello world!

When I say hello world I usually envision a cheesy British guy stepping off a plane and shouting ” Hallo world! ” I am not a guy neither am I the slightest bit British I’m a bit English though. I always wonder if the world would answer me back. I have always dreamed of going to new york one day or traveling around the world so I can see places thats why I want to become an international economics lawyer! I want to draw the sites and people. I am no where near a master artist but you will find as you get older… Ok I am thirteen but still. You will find that art is different for everyone one may give more praise to the woman who painted a single blade of grass than the woman who painted a replica of the Mona Lisa . It is all in your perspective and as I go on I find the simple things in life are praised more often than the complex things . Any way
Ciao for now!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. You are really very good and with time and experiences you will get even better. I hope that your GrandMaMa will treat you as her companion so that you will see the world, “The World” has a lot in store for you. Happy thoughts and good wishes as you begin your wonderful world journey!

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