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I’m Back!

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So I want to start  getting back into logging my artwork. I hate it when I can see where I want my are to be but it is just not there yet. It will get there and I will be posting a piece of digital work a day so you’ll hopefully see some major improvements. But I picked this frame from Taylor Swifts Bad blood video. I liked pretty much all of their styling sans the singing, It was a bit catchy though.

Day 1


A Study of Hues Sherlock


John: “So why do you put up with him?”

Lestrade: “Because I’m desperate, that’s why. Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day—if we’re very very lucky—he might even be a good one.”

This show from BBC has no doubt captured my heart with the dynamic character Sherlock and his wonderfully adorable Watson. Every episode is the length of a movie, the atmosphere of the episodes also have a very cinematic quality with the dark, sultry overtones and the thick plotline. I recently finished the first season and this show has managed to top my other long time favorite Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts , brilliant still. Something about Sherlock causes you as a viewer to admire him. The way he moves through crimes with his arrogant sneer and overall intelligence and charm. He seems to lack a filter and is a beautifully crazy storm.

In this piece i tried to show that he was these things. I started off with a bic. Pen and sketched out his main features. Then I went and added cross hatching to the base. I then went up with dry pastels and put in touches, almost whispers of color is some places. I am quite satisfied with this piece, I feel that it properly depicts what I wanted though I think perhaps I could improve it. To me Sherlock also reminds me of Batman, without the butler… Perhaps Sherlocks butler is John?! Okay I must end on the not of saying that Sherlock is properly amazing and if you haven’t watched it you must. The first season is online . I have linked them below.

If you liked this drawing and would like me to do more please comment and tell me so! I really value your opinion.

Thank you for reading!

Ciao for now!


Week 2 day 3

Rawr!!!! I really am happy I get to do what I like! I wish that I had chose to go to a more traditional school… I feel like a butt finding out guys don’t like me at my school…at least art guys well anyway forget you hatred trying to keep people down.Here is a new picture I drew ;(


I live glitter so I tried to make the drawing pop with glitter and thin ink I have to do another side so 🙂 gosh it’ll be alot of work I’d better really start I mean I really don’t feel like it but who cares what feel like doing !! I mean I really am angry at the B.S. I have to deal with every day at my school I come there as a student trying to learn and escape all the bad vibrations and I cone to a new place where I think I can be myself and just bloom and I have people still talking about me behind me back and jealous( I hate saying this about others) of me, I get tired of people dismissing my talent and work as something I just have! I work blood and sweat for everything a get at school and work and if people can’t respect that!!! If they worked as hard they would achieve but… It’s lonely at the top, and I’ve met no one I’m willing to give my position up for and I never will.

Ciao for now 🙂

WIP Amir

This a WIP of Amir Blumenfeld since I have not been able to update so this is a work in progress ! I have been held up by school . Lol I mean I have a lot of homework and jts hard to do personal projects. But anyway check out Collegehumor. Com to find Jake and Amir videos also Jake and Amir dot com ! Well Ciao for now ! I am doing this for an art show so pls tell me what you think ??

Day 3 week 2


This is another post in one day to make up for the lost posts that I haven’t made . This is a picture of a guy from this show called heart break . It is really old so you probably have no idea who this so my question of today is: Who is this? Please comment leave me a review or whatever 🙂
This is a picture of my book

This is awesome I think you will be able to buy it publically really soon it is called I am Oceana Bleu and it’d be really awesome if you supported me by buying it !! Trust me it would be worth your while!! 🙂 thanks a lot anyways pls leave comment and reviews

Week 2 day 3

Hello once again this pic i so ace!!! I am so happy to have not botched this up!!!! This is a picture or drawing of charlie mcdonell from Charlieissocoollike one of my favorite youtubers !!!!! He is blooming funny I love his videos and really would love to meet him one day or go see his band… Sigh dreams . Anyway I did this in three days it took a horribly long time and I’m still working on it … I have to finish his shirt other wise I could adjust some things but it is done … I think I want to do either a Jake and Amir pic or ray William Johnson one next cos they are both so loveably awesome 🙂 to see Charlie in action go to and tell me who ur favorite YouTuber is